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James Archibald was married and had his family at Inveresk, Coal Pit County, Linlithgow, Scotland. He then moved his family to Craighill, Linlithgow, Scotland in 1820.
In 1822 James with his sons, Robert, Thomas and John, went down in the coal pit when an accident happened with machinery breaking loose above them. James cried out "God have mercy on us" and the machinery missed hitting them, saving their lives. Agnes, the wife of James, worked in the coal pit with her children.
James went to Stonehill to get work, then to Craighill (1820), then to Forent eight miles distant and stayed one year. He then went for the west country, 30 miles distance. James settled in Greenridge 19 April 1825, then his son Henry died there the next day. He was buried in the Whitburn shire church yard. James and his family had moved when necessary to find employment where work could be found along with some attempt at farming. James stayed with his family in Greenridge for seven years, after which he went back to New CraigHill, 30 miles east of the Parish of Aok County, of Edinburgh.
About 23 Dec 1836 the people became stirred up about religion at 16 miles north of the family. Time passed and religion became important everywhere.
In 1837 there was no harvest and thousands were dying from want. Everything had a gloomy appearance. There was no harvest in the year 1838 in Lithgowshire, Scotland. By the New Year, they were cutting their harvest in the midst of snow and ice. 1839 was little better and many families were bad off for want of bread and something to eat.
In 1839 James with his family and Thomas with his family went to Crofthead but did not find work. Robert went to Harthill with his family. James and family went to Bathgate and Thomas and family went to Firastengrans 30 miles east of Harthill. Robert and family going to the same place. There was movement to Greenridge, to Bathgate, back to Greenridge where work was found for a short time or when strike by large groups allowed work. It seemed that Crofthead was the central area of living most of the time. With James' death in 1855, his wife surviving and with her daughter, and son-in-law, departed Edinburgh, Scotland for New Zealand 1 Oct 1857, arriving there 1 Feb 1858, where they bought land and paid a large sum for it.
Thomas Archibald, third son of James, died at Crofthead 8 April 1857 and was buried 11 April 1857 in the Whitburn church yard. His wife Elizabeth and children immigrated to America in 1862.
Robert, son of James, met George Kinghorn and his family when they had moved to New Craighill. George had lost his wife in the waters of Coal Pit Mine in 1822 and Robert married his daughter 22 Nov 1835 in Whitburn Parish. They had several children and immigrated to America 21 June 1860, arriving in Provo 5 Sept 1861.
28 Dec 1857, Mother Agnes was doing poorly. She was 68 years old and living in New Zealand.
15 Oct 1859 Robert, eldest son of James, received a letter from Mary Archibald Edwards from Australia. No further word was received.

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