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Anna Laura Bailey Murray


Anna Laura Bailey Murray Archibald
1892 - 1965
written by herself

My paternal grandparents, Robert Murray and Jessie Archibald, were born in Scotland. Robert worked in the mines in Scotland. They came to America in 1852, and arrived in Wellsville September 15, 1861. They were real pioneers, crossing the plains by ox team. My grandfather took up the occupation of farming after settling in Wellsville. My maternal grandparents, Charles R. Bailey and Susanna Hawkins, were born in England and crossed the plains to come to Zion.
My parents, George Henry Murray and Susannah Hawkins Bailey, were both born in Wellsville, Utah. My father was born on January 8, 1867, and my mother was born December 29, 1870. I had five sisters and four brothers, listed in order of birth: Vera, Laura, Henry, Charles, Sarah, Kenneth, Robert, Lucile, Christina, and the last baby was stillborn. Sarah, Lucile, and Christina died when just a few days old and are buried in the Wellsville Cemetery.
I was born October 15, 1892, up in the southwest part of Wellsville in a house across the street from where Parley P. Murray now lives. I remember my mother telling me how much black hair I had. I was the second child of George H. and Susannah Bailey Murray.
When I was a little girl I lived across the street from Bro. Henry Haslam and Ann Jones Haslam. Most of their children were older than I, but they were very good to me. I remember when I lost my first tooth, I went over and Sadie Haslam tied a string on it and pulled it out. My cousins Mary and Elizabeth Murray were some of my first playmates. We lived eight or nine blocks from the church house and it was two more to the store. I remember walking to church and to town, and in the winter we would get very cold before we got there. The first I remember of going to church was to Sunday School and Primary in the old church house in the southeast corner of the square.
I started to school when I was six years old. It was a little rock schoolhouse in the south end of Wellsville, which is still standing. I went to school there three years. I remember my father would take us to school when the snow was deep on a bay horse we called Jack. Sometimes five would ride it.
When I was ten years old, my father bought his brother David Murray's place and we moved down in the north end of town. I lived in that house until I was married. I remember going to Grandma Bailey's on Christmas Eve as a child, all the family for a gathering. Grandmother would make a bed on the floor for the children and we would stay most of the night. My sister Vera and I sang together many times. They would stand us up on a chair, we were so small. I am in the picture that was taken of the Sunday School by the old church house when I was six years old. I took part in operas and other amusements the Primary put on.
I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints on November 4, 1900 by Richard Brenchley, in a little creek east of his house. I remember it was very cold and we ran about a block to the home of Christina Glenn to change our wet clothes.
I graduated from the eighth grade the 28th day of May 1908, with the highest average in the class. We had to go over to the B. Y. College in Logan to take our examination and that was quite frightening. The next year I attended the first ninth grade that was held in Wellsville and it was held in the old City Hall. Carl. W. Johnson was the teacher. The following year I attended the B.Y.C. in Logan.
My mother died January 21, 1911, when I was 18 years old, leaving me to take care of the family. My sister Vera had married the fall before. My mother was a very good housekeeper and a good cook. She suffered a great deal the last few years of her life. She died at the age of 40.
On December 8, 1915 I married Allen Hendry Archibald in the Salt Lake Temple. We have had seven children, five boys and two girls: Virgil, Allen, Ruth, Claine, George, Murray, Garth and DeAnn. My husband built a new house for us when we were married, which was a lovely home at the time and still is.
We went to the dedication of the Calgary Canadian Temple on August 25, 1923 and took the three children we had at that time. We made another tip to Canada in March 1937 to attend the funeral of a brother, Thomas H. Archibald. There was another brother, John, and his family living in Canada. Also Michael's family lived there. Michael Archibald died in 1914.
When I was of age, I attended M.I.A. and took part in the activities. Later I was appointed first counselor in the Young Ladies M.I.A. I also taught all of the different classes in the YWMIA and was Era agent [the Church magazine]. I taught in the Primary for a number of years. I have sang in the ward since I was sixteen years of age, was in the opera which the choir put on, and sang with the Hyrum Stake Choir at the April Conference in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. My brother, Kenneth, was the soloist. We went on many trips with the choir. I have been a Relief Society teacher for many years and have helped with the work and business. I was a 4-H leader and worked in the county Farm Bureau for many years from which I derived much good.
I have visited and done work for the dead in all the temples now built in the United States and Canada. I have had some very pleasant trips. My husband and I went to Fresno, California to the wedding of our son, Allen, in 1942. He was in the Air Corps and stationed in Fresno, California at the time.
I have had three of my sons serve in the united States Military service: Allen, Claine and George Murray.
In March of 1958 I went on a Temple Tour when I visited the Manti, Mesa, Los Angeles, and St. George temples and saw all the wonderful sights between here and there.
In August 1959 I went to the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canada with Murray and Marie. At that time our South Cache band went and marched in the parade at Calgary. We visited folks in Canada.
June 1962 I went on a tour to the Worlds Fair in Seattle, Washington and other places of interest along the way. In August 1962 I went with Garth and Joann up to Sweet Home, Oregon where Allen and his family were living. Allen had been hurt badly working in a plywood mill and was in the hospital.
I have been a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers for many years and have held position of Captain, First Vice-President, and Secretary.

* * *

The following was written by her daughter, Ruth:

Mother passed away on April 20, 1965 in the Logan L.D.S. Hospital after a long illness with breast cancer. It was a Tuesday morning between 8:30 and 9:00. The funeral was held on Friday, April 23, in the Wellsville Tabernacle and she was buried in the Wellsville Cemetery beside her companion. There was such a large number of beautiful flowers sent by family, relatives, and friends. She loved flowers so much and always had a beautiful garden and yard.
Mother had suffered a great deal in the last year of her life and was in the hospital four months before she died. The family had taken turns taking her to Salt Lake to Dr. Cowen for treatments as long as she was able to go. The family had met at her home for Thanksgiving dinner and, oh, how the children did love to go to grandmother's!
Mother had her first serious cancer operation in 1938 when DeAnn was only 11 months old. She recovered from this and was able to go on taking care of her family. In nine years, another growth came back and was removed with deep X-ray treatments from Dr. Cowen in Salt Lake City. We felt she was cured, and she lived many useful years to take care of her family. She took care of Papa through his long illness. He died on July 22, 1950 of cancer.
Mother was so patient and endured the pain she had so well. She had great faith and I am sure the Lord did give her strength to endure so well.
She did much for her family and those around her and made the world a better place in which to live. I shall miss her good judgment and advice very much.

Ruth Archibald Aston

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