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John was the oldest son, born 1706, probably in Pennsylvania or New Jersey before the family came to Maryland. Cora Hiatt claimed he and the next couple of siblings were born in England, but that seems unlikely. John married Mary Smith. Her parents are unknown at this time. Some think she came from Pennsylvania, but the wedding was recorded on November 26, 1730 at St. John's Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. John and family are found living on leased land in 1737 in the Middle River Hundred, next door to his brother-in-law, John Watson, husband of John's sister, Mary. John Chenoweth and his wife Mary would have 9 known children, the first ones born in Maryland, the last ones in Virginia. They form the largest body of known descendants in the family. In 1762 John is known to have received a patent for land in Frederick County, Virginia from Lord Fairfax. (this later became Berkeley County and still later West Virginia). It is likely that John, however, along with his brothers William and Thomas, located in Frederick County, Virginia sometime before the death of their father in 1746. Indeed the last record of a John Chenoweth found in Maryland for several decades following is 1742, lending credence to the theory that the family moved somewhat together to Virginia.

Like his father, John is given to have been a blacksmith and died with substantial land holdings in Virginia. In his 1770 will, written at about age 65, John mentions each of his 9 children and widowed wife, Mary. To his two oldest sons, William and John, he willed 248 acres of land on the Cacapon River in Hampshire Co. To Absolom, Thomas and Richard, he willed the lands upon which he lived, part of 314 acres patented from Lord Fairfax. At the time this land was in Frederick Co. near "Torytown", but in 1773 it would just a couple of miles north of the border in newly formed Berkeley Co. To his son Arthur, he left one dollar.

Within two generations all of John's descendants had left this part of Virginia, that was later to include Berkeley and Hampshire Cos., WV. A large group, including sons: Richard and Arthur, daughters: Elizabeth and Rachel, and 3 grandchildren: Jonathan, William and Absolom, Jr., went to Kentucky, mainly Jefferson Co. Three sons: William, John and Absolom died in Virginia, and their children went to Ohio, Kentucky and one, to Indiana. John's son, Thomas(3), after returning to Maryland, married there, and late in his life took his family to Botetourt Co., VA, before his death in 1780. John's grandson, John(4), moved and settled due west in what would be Randolph Co., WV. Many of the families of John associated with the Baptist Church.

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