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Ann Catherine Jarvis

Life Sketch from notes by Pearl Jarvis Augustus


Aunt Annie was one of Utah's oldest living residents. She was a great lady. Many articles were written about her for the newspapers. Many of these articles are in the possession of Pearl Augustus. Ann Catherine Jarvis Milne, still living, contributes a chapter to Utah's history of pioneer women that is little short of incomparable. Born in London, England, Oct. 27, 1848 she was the daughter of the British Sailor George Jarvis and Ann Prior Jarvis, who were L.D.S. converts to the Church. Ann came with her parents to America in 1857. They first settled in Boston, intending to remain only till the health of her mother improved sufficiently for them to move west to Utah. Unfortunately, the loss of their British money through the closing of the Boston Banks in the approaching Civil War setup, kept them in Boston for three years. They arrived in Utah in the fall of 1860, and a year later were among those called to grow cotton in Utah's Dixie cotton mission. Just aged 13 when this move was made, Ann was soon drawn into community activities and was one of the young women trained and put into active community service by Dr. Israel Ivins during the many contagions of malaria, diphtheria and other ailments which beset the pioneers in this difficult mission. The wide experience and knowledge she gained in this way served her in good hand when left with the responsibility of rearing a large family. She was the third wife of the pioneer Scottish painter, David Milne, an artist if there ever was one, whose hand work lives on in the decorations of the local homes, the Temple, the Tabernacle, the Lyceum and in the lives of his daughters. Typical of her courageousness implanted through years of pioneering, is the fact, that blindness did not deter her progress. After 12 years of blindness from cataracts and surgery, she took up the study of Braille at the age of 88 and mastered it, only to have the joy at 90 of regaining sight following a serious technical operation. Living now in Salt Lake City, she is as one come from the dead as she sees again the beauty she used to love, and notes the progress made during her many years of darkness. Alert, clever and lovable, she has enjoyed life to its fullest in varied experiences, health and sickness, poverty and comfort, and keeps check on the progress of industry, travel, literature and art. She still keeps on with her study of Braille, just in case she might need it again. Ann Catherine Jarvis Milne died at the age of 107 years on 8 Oct. 1956.

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