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London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARBER Thomas  Abt 1552London, Middlesex, England I140260
2 BEAUFORT Edmund, [Duke/Sommerset]  Abt 1439London, Middlesex, England I11929
3 BEAUFORT Eleanor  Abt 1431London, Middlesex, England I11931
4 BEAUFORT Joan  Abt 1433London, Middlesex, England I46692
5 BEAUFORT John  Abt 1441London, Middlesex, England I11930
6 BEAUFORT Margaret  Abt 1437London, Middlesex, England I11934
7 BRITT James  Abt 1783London, Middlesex, England I155845
8 BRUCE Margaret  1577London, Middlesex, England I38747
9 BUCK Isaac  Between 1600 and 1603London, Middlesex, England I146114
10 BUCK John  19 Dec 1613London, Middlesex, England I146119
11 CLAYPOOL Elizabeth  25 May 1678London, Middlesex, England I23712
12 CLAYPOOL George  14 Nov 1674London, Middlesex, England I23710
13 CLAYPOOL John  15 Sep 1658London, Middlesex, England I23700
14 CLAYPOOL Joseph  29 Jan 1676London, Middlesex, England I23711
15 CLAYPOOL Nathaniel  23 Jul 1668London, Middlesex, England I23705
16 CLAYPOOL Nathaniel  4 Aug 1672London, Middlesex, England I23708
17 CLAYPOOL Samuel  19 Jan 1671London, Middlesex, England I23707
18 CLAYPOOL Son  1673London, Middlesex, England I23709
19 CLAYPOOLE Josiah  9 Nov 1669London, Middlesex, England I23706
20 COLLIER Mary  1604London, Middlesex, England I186049
21 COLLINGS David  19 Apr 1851London, Middlesex, England I212003
22 COLLINGS George  7 Aug 1853London, Middlesex, England I212004
23 COLLINS (COLLINGS) Alice  13 May 1845London, Middlesex, England I212001
24 COX Sarah Marchant  12 Jun 1871London, Middlesex, England I121122
25 CRANE Margery  1595London, Middlesex, England I30625
26 CROSSLAND Eleanor Amelia  24 Mar 1842London, Middlesex, England I182457
27 CROSSLAND Frances Mary Ann  25 Nov 1848London, Middlesex, England I182458
28 CROSSLAND Junius  14 Oct 1820London, Middlesex, England I182455
29 CROUCHMAN John  1311London, Middlesex, England I55093
30 CROUCHMAN Mary  London, Middlesex, England I55070
31 DEFRIEZ Charles Godfrey  3 Oct 1855London, Middlesex, England I107619
32 Dr. DEFRIEZ Joseph George  5 Jul 1821London, Middlesex, England I216910
33 DUDLEY Agnes  Abt 1548London, Middlesex, England I46817
34 DUDLEY Catherine  Abt 1546London, Middlesex, England I46814
35 DUDLEY Edward  1542London, Middlesex, England I46812
36 DUDLEY Francis  Abt 1552London, Middlesex, England I46815
37 DUDLEY John  Abt 1518London, Middlesex, England I46810
38 DUDLEY Margaret  Abt 1544London, Middlesex, England I46813
39 ENGLAND Edmund "Crounchback", Prince of, 1st Earl of Lancaster  16 Jan 1244/5London, Middlesex, England I7892
40 ENGLAND Matilda Princess Of  1156London, Middlesex, England I7989
41 ENO Jacues "James"  21 Aug 1625London, Middlesex, England I170198
42 FREEMAN Cycella (Cecelia)  1631London, Middlesex, England I145703
43 FREEMAN Mary  2 Jun 1631London, Middlesex, England I145712
44 GODDARD Edward  Abt 1661London, Middlesex, England I206915
45 GODDARD Joseph  13 Jul 1656London, Middlesex, England I206903
46 HARWOOD Hannah  Abt 1624/5London, Middlesex, England I186427
47 HICKS Zachariah  Abt 1587London, Middlesex, England I209142
48 HIPWELL Elizabeth Ann  29 Dec 1779London, Middlesex, England I237127
49 JACKSON Anne  5 May 1604London, Middlesex, England I4490
50 JACKSON Christofer  17 Aug 1593London, Middlesex, England I4644

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ALLERTON Isaac, (Mayflower)  1586London, Middlesex, England I39193
2 ATKINSON Alfred Henry  13 Mar 1849London, Middlesex, England I175353
3 BRETT Charles  Abt 1813London, Middlesex, England I155847
4 BRETT George  1821London, Middlesex, England I155849
5 BRETT John  1816London, Middlesex, England I155848
6 HOPKINS Giles  22 Dec 1609London, Middlesex, England I33592
7 HOPKINS Giles  22 Dec 1609London, Middlesex, England I229192


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATKINS William  1872London, Middlesex, England I48628
2 BAYLEY Elizabeth  15 0ct 1797London, Middlesex, England I141910
3 BINGHAM George, Earl of Lucan  5 Jun 1914London, Middlesex, England I10281
4 BOURCHIER William  9 Dec 1471London, Middlesex, England I37997
5 BRUCE Margaret  1652London, Middlesex, England I38747
6 CAVENDISH-BENTIN Cecilia Nina, Countess of S.  23 Jun 1928London, Middlesex, England I9941
7 CHAUCER Geoffrey, (Writer)  25 Oct 1400London, Middlesex, England I38004
8 COLLINS (COLLINGS) Alice  6 Apr 1849London, Middlesex, England I212001
9 COOPER Phillis  13 Mar 1898London, Middlesex, England I237097
10 DAMMARTIN Alberic II Count  1200London, Middlesex, England I8016
11 DE VERE Aubrey II  15 May 1141London, Middlesex, England I170158
12 DEFRIEZ Joseph  10 Dec 1874London, Middlesex, England I216912
13 DESPENSER Eleanor Le  30 Sep 1328London, Middlesex, England I7845
14 DE_MANDEVILLE Geoffrey  23 Feb 1215/6London, Middlesex, England I40235
15 DUDLEY Agnes  London, Middlesex, England I46817
16 DUDLEY Edward  1542London, Middlesex, England I46812
17 DUDLEY Francis  London, Middlesex, England I46815
18 ENGLAND Edward "Atheling", Prince of, [The Exile]  1057London, Middlesex, England I8544
19 ENGLAND Joane, Princess Of  4 Mar 1237/8London, Middlesex, England I7926
20 FITZALAN Richard, [Earl/Arundel]  Jul 1397London, Middlesex, England I6196
21 GILL Ruth Sylvia  6 Jul 1993London, Middlesex, England I10262
22 HARRINGTON Sarrah  20 Jan 1861London, Middlesex, England I216913
23 HOUSE\HOWSE Hannah  16 Feb 1633London, Middlesex, England I14234
24 HOWARD Mary, [Cts/Delorai.]  12 Nov 1744London, Middlesex, England I47038
25 HOWSE (HULSE) Hannah, (House)  16 Feb 1633London, Middlesex, England I28676
26 MANDEVILLE Geoffrey de, [Earl/Essex]  Feb 1215/6London, Middlesex, England I31014
27 MARKHAM Isabella  20 May 1579London, Middlesex, England I170001
28 MUSCEGROS Hawise  29 Jun 1375London, Middlesex, England I37129
29 NICHOLS Francis  6 Sep 1622London, Middlesex, England I34503
30 NICHOLS Robert  1548London, Middlesex, England I38749
31 NORCROSS Jerimiah (Jeremy)  6 Oct 1657London, Middlesex, England I171703
32 PASTON ;[SIR KNIGHT] John  21 Or 1466 May 22London, Middlesex, England I117678
33 PLANTAGENET Blanche Crouchback, [Duchess of Lancaster]  30 Sep 1369London, Middlesex, England I35390
34 POURE Agnes  1443London, Middlesex, England I55042
35 PRENCE Thomas  London, Middlesex, England I42499
36 ROBINSON Samuel  24 Apr 1724London, Middlesex, England I74853
37 RUSSELL Sir Francis  22 Mar 1767London, Middlesex, England I236720
38 SPENCER Elizabeth, (twin)  Abt 1645London, Middlesex, England I99360
39 ST._LAWRENCE Robert, Lord Howth  1486London, Middlesex, England I11938
40 TOMPKYNS Nathaniel (Tomkyns)  5 Jul 1643London, Middlesex, England I141204
41 WALKER Richard  Aft 1622London, Middlesex, England I174324
42 WEST John  1 Aug 1911London, Middlesex, England I237096
43 WINDSLOW John  1387/8London, Middlesex, England I55069
44 WINDSLOW William  Bef 4 Mar 1413/4London, Middlesex, England I55041


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE FRIEZ Joseph George, Jr.  31 Aug 1821London, Middlesex, England I216929
2 DINHAM Elizabeth  London, Middlesex, England I37996
3 DUDLEY Agnes  London, Middlesex, England I46817
4 DUDLEY Catherine  London, Middlesex, England I46814
5 DUDLEY Edward  London, Middlesex, England I46812
6 DUDLEY Francis  London, Middlesex, England I46815
7 DUDLEY Margaret  London, Middlesex, England I46813
8 HOWSE (HULSE) Hannah, (House)  Feb 1633London, Middlesex, England I28676


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIDES / KIRBY  17 Oct 1633London, Middlesex, England F3086
2 CHAUCER / ROET  Bef Sep 1366London, Middlesex, England F16523
3 GARTER / DUDLEY  Abt 1568London, Middlesex, England F20985
4 LATHROP / HOWSE (HULSE)  10 Oct 1610London, Middlesex, England F13557
5 LINNELL / HOWSE  Abt 1626London, Middlesex, England F13535
6 MARSHALL / CLARE  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F3434
7 PROCTOR / ROGERS  Abt 1575London, Middlesex, England F2900
8 ROWLEY / PALMER  Abt 1627London, Middlesex, England F13558