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fairview, sanpete, utah



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLRED Estella Ladica  3 Apr 1882fairview, sanpete, utah I86628
2 ANDERSON Von R  21 Jun 1915fairview, sanpete, utah I88971
3 BRADY Agnes  13 Mar 1913fairview, sanpete, utah I87185
4 BRADY Elias  30 Dec 1869fairview, sanpete, utah I206799
5 BRADY Heber Chase  28 Dec 1871fairview, sanpete, utah I206800
6 BRADY Isiah (Id)  17 Jan 1874fairview, sanpete, utah I206801
7 BRADY Jordan Perry  2 Jul 1881fairview, sanpete, utah I206803
8 BRADY Lindsey Anderson  8 Feb 1868fairview, sanpete, utah I206798
9 BRADY Marilla Teany  6 May 1877fairview, sanpete, utah I206802
10 BRADY Marion Jehu  31 Jul 1866fairview, sanpete, utah I116216
11 BRADY Martha Ellen  29 Dec 1875fairview, sanpete, utah I206807
12 BRADY Mary Elizabeth  18 Oct 1864fairview, sanpete, utah I206796
13 BRADY Sarah Jane  8 Feb 1863fairview, sanpete, utah I206805
14 BRADY William Edward  12 Mar 1861fairview, sanpete, utah I206795
15 BROWN  24 Jul 1908fairview, sanpete, utah I230121
16 BROWN S.   I230082
17 CHENEY Abraham  25 Oct 1868fairview, sanpete, utah I202645
18 CHENEY r.l.   I90558
19 CLEMENT Louisa Abigail  28 Jul 1881fairview, sanpete, utah I22851
20 COX Julia Janes  30 Jun 1861fairview, sanpete, utah I150057
21 COX Sarah Ellen  17 May 1885fairview, sanpete, utah I184328
22 COX Theodore  20 Feb 1863fairview, sanpete, utah I86517
23 HARTLEY Dosena Ruthetta  9 Jul 1896fairview, sanpete, utah I29338
24 HURST Hugh  2 Jun 1885fairview, sanpete, utah I207699
25 MOWER Vivian Eva  10 Aug 1920fairview, sanpete, utah I230425
26 NIELSEN Sarah Andrea  31 Jan 1865fairview, sanpete, utah I108381
27 RIGBY Rowland Lavar  19 Jul 1897fairview, sanpete, utah I122523
28 SANDERSON v.w.   I97097
29 SHEPHERD Leland  17 Aug 1899fairview, sanpete, utah I206778
30 SWENSEN a.l.   I88661
31 TERRY Andrew Berdell  13 Nov 1867fairview, sanpete, utah I137685
32 TERRY Arza Judd  2 Oct 1870fairview, sanpete, utah I137661
33 TERRY Celestia Melissa  28 Dec 1860fairview, sanpete, utah I137674
34 TERRY Elias w  Abt 1848fairview, sanpete, utah I137668
35 TERRY Emily Anna  19 Dec 1873fairview, sanpete, utah I137662
36 TERRY Eugenie Gertrude  27 Jan 1862fairview, sanpete, utah I137679
37 TERRY John Alexander  28 May 1867fairview, sanpete, utah I137660
38 TERRY Lois Almeda  22 Jul 1863fairview, sanpete, utah I137659
39 TERRY Martha Maria  24 Mar 1861fairview, sanpete, utah I137678
40 TERRY Mary L  Abt 1850fairview, sanpete, utah I137669
41 TERRY Ophelia A  Abt 1852fairview, sanpete, utah I137670
42 TERRY Wilford Alonzo  8 Apr 1869fairview, sanpete, utah I137686
43 TERRY William Henry, Sr  31 Jan 1864fairview, sanpete, utah I137682
44 ZABRISKI D.   I95066


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GUYMON Willard Richard  12 Dec 1864fairview, sanpete, utah I190385
2 TERRY Cynthia Philinda  5 Jan 1861fairview, sanpete, utah I137658
3 TERRY William Henry, Sr  10 Apr 1864fairview, sanpete, utah I137682


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDRICH Almira White  17 Sep 1904fairview, sanpete, utah I176970
2 ALLRED William Alma  25 Jan 1900fairview, sanpete, utah I116229
3 ALLRED William Moore  8 Jun 1901fairview, sanpete, utah I2950
4 BRADY Heber Chase  10 Dec 1939fairview, sanpete, utah I206800
5 BRADY Isiah (Id)  19 Dec 1894fairview, sanpete, utah I206801
6 BRADY Lindsey Anderson  12 Sep 1928fairview, sanpete, utah I206798
7 BRADY Mary Elizabeth  30 Oct 1882fairview, sanpete, utah I206796
8 BRADY Sarah Jane  1 Dec 1903fairview, sanpete, utah I206805
9 BRADY Warren Paddix  29 Jun 1892fairview, sanpete, utah I206794
10 BRADY Warren Paddix  24 May 1909fairview, sanpete, utah I206792
11 BROWN  24 Jul 1908fairview, sanpete, utah I230121
12 COX Amasa Bernard  24 Aug 1943fairview, sanpete, utah I184622
13 COX Racheal Ann  15 Feb 1922fairview, sanpete, utah I206793
14 COX Rosann Rosannah  22 Nov 1866fairview, sanpete, utah I184625
15 DANCY (JUDD) Levee Terrisa  22 Mar 1903fairview, sanpete, utah I137654
16 GUYMON David Rowley  13 Oct 1866fairview, sanpete, utah I190398
17 HOOPES Elizabeth  7 Sep 1888fairview, sanpete, utah I173241
18 HOUSEKEEPER Mary Elizabeth  29 Nov 1867fairview, sanpete, utah I173301
19 HURST Elizabeth  25 Sep 1875fairview, sanpete, utah I207696
20 JONES Benjamin  4 Apr 1875fairview, sanpete, utah I184624
21 JONES Eleanor Ann  23 Apr 1912fairview, sanpete, utah I190819
22 JONES Maud Rosanna  11 Jan 1886fairview, sanpete, utah I184629
23 JONES Sarah Ellen  19 Mar 1889fairview, sanpete, utah I184601
24 KEITH Nerias  22 Jul 1894fairview, sanpete, utah I55972
25 TERRY Cynthia Philinda  17 Mar 1937fairview, sanpete, utah I137658
26 TERRY Elias Adolphus (Dolph)  9 Nov 1895fairview, sanpete, utah I137665
27 TERRY Levee Terissa  2 Apr 1929fairview, sanpete, utah I137657
28 TERRY Lois Almeda  16 Sep 1938fairview, sanpete, utah I137659
29 TERRY Otis Lysander  16 Nov 1899fairview, sanpete, utah I137480
30 TERRY Wilford Alonzo  3 Jun 1937fairview, sanpete, utah I137686
31 TERRY William Henry, Sr  10 May 1947fairview, sanpete, utah I137682
32 VAIL Sarah  14 Jul 1917fairview, sanpete, utah I137667
33 VAN VALKENBERG Martha Jane  26 Apr 1919fairview, sanpete, utah I137675


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRADY Elias  1949fairview, sanpete, utah I206799
2 BRADY Heber Chase  Dec 1939fairview, sanpete, utah I206800
3 BRADY Isiah (Id)  fairview, sanpete, utah I206801
4 BRADY Lindsey Anderson  15 Sep 1928fairview, sanpete, utah I206798
5 BRADY Rachel Ann  18 Oct 1928fairview, sanpete, utah I206765
6 BRADY Rosannah (Rosie)  28 Jan 1935fairview, sanpete, utah I206806
7 BRADY Simon (Simeon) Henderson  13 Mar 1935fairview, sanpete, utah I206804
8 BRADY William Edward  Dec 1886fairview, sanpete, utah I206795
9 BROWN  25 Jul 1908fairview, sanpete, utah I230121
10 BROWN Harold Blaine  22 Nov 2003fairview, sanpete, utah I230119
11 CLEMENT Louisa Abigail  29 Nov 1972fairview, sanpete, utah I22851
12 COX Amasa Bernard  28 Aug 1943fairview, sanpete, utah I184622
13 COX Walter  17 Apr 1940fairview, sanpete, utah I184614
14 DANCY (JUDD) Levee Terrisa  23 Mar 1903fairview, sanpete, utah I137654
15 HOOPES Elizabeth  10 Sep 1888fairview, sanpete, utah I173241
16 JONES Eleanor Ann  25 Apr 1912fairview, sanpete, utah I190819
17 JONES Maud Rosanna  fairview, sanpete, utah I184629
18 MILLS Henry Richard  26 Apr 1941fairview, sanpete, utah I181767
19 MOWER Joseph Smith  6 May 1909fairview, sanpete, utah I174856
20 PERSDATTER Christina Hindersson  15 Mar 1900fairview, sanpete, utah I176028
21 SHEPHERD George Aaron  21 Feb 1926fairview, sanpete, utah I206771
22 STEWART Selena Merinda  3 Apr 1930fairview, sanpete, utah I173242
23 TERRY Alvin Delose  7 Dec 1923fairview, sanpete, utah I137653
24 TERRY Andrew Berdell  Sep 1847fairview, sanpete, utah I137685
25 TERRY Charles Alphonzo, Sr.  25 Feb 1941fairview, sanpete, utah I137673
26 TERRY Cynthia Philinda  20 Mar 1937fairview, sanpete, utah I137658
27 TERRY Edmund Lysander  16 Oct 1931fairview, sanpete, utah I137671
28 TERRY Lois Almeda  20 Sep 1938fairview, sanpete, utah I137659
29 TERRY Otis Lysander  19 Nov 1899fairview, sanpete, utah I137480
30 TERRY Otis Lysander, Jr.  12 Oct 1932fairview, sanpete, utah I137651
31 TERRY William Henry, Sr  14 May 1947fairview, sanpete, utah I137682
32 VAIL Sarah  16 Jul 1917fairview, sanpete, utah I137667
33 VAN VALKENBERG Martha Jane  29 Apr 1919fairview, sanpete, utah I137675


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRADY / JONES  11 Aug 1898fairview, sanpete, utah F43428
2 SHEPHERD / BRADY  5 Mar 1876fairview, sanpete, utah F63271