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Mesquite, Clark, Nv



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARDY Hyrum Brigham  17 Jan 1903Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109754
2 HARDY Leonard Warren  8 Apr 1907Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109757
3 HARDY Ora  29 Aug 1920Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109756
4 HARDY Quincy Keele  23 Jan 1918Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109755
5 HUGHES Hyrum  16 Mar 1899Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109803
6 HUGHES Ladessie  1 Nov 1903Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109797
7 HUGHES Mildred  30 Sep 1900Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109804
8 LEAVITT David  1884Mesquite, Clark, Nv I219532
9 WAITE Hazel  6 Jun 1900Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119717
10 WAITE Jesse Leroy  21 Mar 1895Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119712
11 WAITE La Prele  17 Feb 1897Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119714
12 WAITE Laprele  17 Feb 1897Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119716
13 WAITE William Noble  25 Sep 1898Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119715


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURGESS Issac Henry  21 Mar 1939Mesquite, Clark, Nv I138962
2 BURGESS Sarah Ann  21 Feb 1947Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109796
3 HARDY Charles Milton  13 Apr 1947Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109763
4 HUGHES Clarissa Ellen  20 Nov 1911Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109810
5 HUGHES James Elmer  4 Aug 1928Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109795
6 HUGHES William Burgess  7 Dec 1932Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109819
7 HUNTSMAN James Daniel  19 Jul 1925Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119467
8 HUNTSMAN Mariah  30 Jul 1922Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119464
9 HUNTSMAN Mary  31 Jan 1922Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119465
10 JOHNSON Nephi  21 Jun 1919Mesquite, Clark, Nv I219848
11 LEAVITT Edward Washington  3 Feb 1931Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109934
12 LEAVITT Emma Lorena  23 Jun 1962Mesquite, Clark, Nv I219527
13 LEAVITT Joseph Smith  14 Nov 1936Mesquite, Clark, Nv I116299
14 LEAVITT Louisa  6 Apr 1917Mesquite, Clark, Nv I222831
15 PULSIPHER Martha Ann  8 Sep 1936Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215417
16 YERGENSEN Lydia Aurilla  17 Feb 1954Mesquite, Clark, Nv I115782


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARNUM Carmelia  17 Jan 1978Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215419
2 BARNUM Charles Andrew  23 Dec 1939Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215423
3 BARNUM Martha  20 Jul 1928Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215425
4 BARNUM Robert  May 1963Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215426
5 BARNUM Zera Eugene  24 Aug 1946Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215424
6 BOWLER Emma Estella  25 Jul 1979Mesquite, Clark, Nv I122465
7 BURGESS Issac Henry  23 Mar 1939Mesquite, Clark, Nv I138962
8 BURGESS Mary Ann  31 Mar 1958Mesquite, Clark, Nv I222856
9 BURGESS Sarah Ann  23 Feb 1947Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109796
10 FREHNER Alfred  18 May 1968Mesquite, Clark, Nv I232672
11 HAFEN Bertha  26 Dec 1967Mesquite, Clark, Nv I219562
12 HARDY Brigham Franklin  30 Sep 1945Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109751
13 HARDY Charles Milton  17 Apr 1947Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109763
14 HOUSTON David Erastus  Nov 1926Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109917
15 HUGHES Charles Arthur  3 Dec 1968Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109811
16 HUGHES Clarissa Ellen  22 Nov 1911Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109810
17 HUGHES James Elmer  5 Aug 1928Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109795
18 HUGHES Jennie  10 Oct 1967Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109805
19 HUGHES Mary Carmelia  24 Feb 1959Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109752
20 HUGHES Mildred  13 Nov 1967Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109804
21 HUGHES Walter Warren  25 Feb 1953Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109815
22 HUGHES William Burgess  8 Dec 1932Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109819
23 HUNTSMAN Luna Adelia  Aug 1944Mesquite, Clark, Nv I116300
24 JOHNSON Nephi  Jun 1919Mesquite, Clark, Nv I219848
25 LEAVITT Emma Lorena  26 Jun 1962Mesquite, Clark, Nv I219527
26 LEAVITT Ida  1972Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119408
27 LEAVITT Joseph Josiah  15 Jul 1961Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119403
28 LEAVITT Joseph Smith  Nov 1936Mesquite, Clark, Nv I116299
29 LEAVITT Mary Emily  14 Feb 1944Mesquite, Clark, Nv I109918
30 LEAVITT Salenda Percilla  27 Apr 1964Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119399
31 LEAVITT Zelma  19 Jul 1975Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119244
32 PULSIPHER Martha Ann  9 Sep 1936Mesquite, Clark, Nv I215417
33 WAITE Nelda  8 Aug 1978Mesquite, Clark, Nv I119719