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monroe, sevier, utah



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERTLESEN Emma  17 Mar 1874monroe, sevier, utah I212018
2 BERTLESEN George Ivy  18 Jan 1878monroe, sevier, utah I212012
3 BERTLESEN William  19 Nov 1871monroe, sevier, utah I212017
4 CROFTS John Edward  13 Jan 1883monroe, sevier, utah I122872
5 LOWE Lloyd Franklin  5 Nov 1910monroe, sevier, utah I115780
6 LOWE Richard Franklin (Frank)  20 Oct 1881monroe, sevier, utah I115781
7 SMITH w.   I88505
8 WILSON Joseph Deliverance  12 Dec 1864monroe, sevier, utah I113382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BERTLESEN William  1 Feb 1872monroe, sevier, utah I212017
2 HUNT Edward Moroni  23 Sep 1880monroe, sevier, utah I212023


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERTON James  13 Oct 1933monroe, sevier, utah I189240
2 ASAY Isaac  28 Oct 1909monroe, sevier, utah I190904
3 BARNEY Walter Warren  14 Apr 1917monroe, sevier, utah I128231
4 BERTLESEN William  10 Feb 1920monroe, sevier, utah I212017
5 COLLINGS Samual Willard  9 Nov 1917monroe, sevier, utah I211994
6 COLLINGS William Richard  22 Feb 1919monroe, sevier, utah I212005
7 COLLINS (COLLINGS) Richard  12 Jul 1891monroe, sevier, utah I211998
8 HANSEN Jens (James)  1 May 1900monroe, sevier, utah I116718
9 HIGGINS Reubin Hyrum  19 May 1981monroe, sevier, utah I198668
10 HUNT Amy  12 Jul 1897monroe, sevier, utah I212028
11 HUNT Bardell  30 Sep 1942monroe, sevier, utah I212027
12 HUNT Dalton  21 Jun 1897monroe, sevier, utah I212030
13 HUNT Howard Casto  7 May 1950monroe, sevier, utah I212025
14 HUNT Ina Elizabeth  7 Feb 1909monroe, sevier, utah I212031
15 HUNT Mary Belle  30 Jun 1969monroe, sevier, utah I212021
16 HUNT Ward  20 Nov 1896monroe, sevier, utah I212029
17 JOHNSON Lorenzo  25 Apr 1871monroe, sevier, utah I180450
18 LAWRENCE Emma Luella  7 Dec 1914monroe, sevier, utah I211999
19 LOWE Joseph Hyrum  28 Aug 1930monroe, sevier, utah I225265
20 LOWE Richard Alvin  19 Sep 1930monroe, sevier, utah I119539
21 ROUNDY Rachel Susannah  17 Apr 1957monroe, sevier, utah I158065
22 WASHBURN Abraham  17 Jun 1886monroe, sevier, utah I208891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANDERTON James  monroe, sevier, utah I189240
2 ASAY Isaac  1909monroe, sevier, utah I190904
3 BARNEY Benjamin Franklin  10 Dec 1904monroe, sevier, utah I116239
4 BARNEY Walter Warren  17 Apr 1917monroe, sevier, utah I128231
5 BENSON Owen Benson  11 May 1988monroe, sevier, utah I122202
6 BERTLESEN William  14 Feb 1920monroe, sevier, utah I212017
7 CHAMBERLAIN Elinor  4 Oct 1995monroe, sevier, utah I226733
8 COLLINGS Samual Willard  11 Nov 1917monroe, sevier, utah I211994
9 COLLINS (COLLINGS) Richard  13 Jul 1891monroe, sevier, utah I211998
10 FOREMAN Charity  13 Feb 1917monroe, sevier, utah I119540
11 HANSEN Jens (James)  4 May 1900monroe, sevier, utah I116718
12 HIGGINS Jennie  monroe, sevier, utah I198664
13 HIGGINS Joseph Henry  monroe, sevier, utah I198665
14 HIGGINS Nelson  23 Nov 1890monroe, sevier, utah I192280
15 HIGGINS Nelson William  23 Jun 1941monroe, sevier, utah I198674
16 HIGGINS Roscoe  monroe, sevier, utah I198667
17 HUNT Amy  monroe, sevier, utah I212028
18 HUNT Bardell  monroe, sevier, utah I212027
19 HUNT Dalton  monroe, sevier, utah I212030
20 HUNT Fredrick Nephi  monroe, sevier, utah I212042
21 HUNT Howard Casto  monroe, sevier, utah I212025
22 HUNT Ina Elizabeth  monroe, sevier, utah I212031
23 HUNT Mary Belle  monroe, sevier, utah I212021
24 HUNT Ward  monroe, sevier, utah I212029
25 HUNT Wendell  monroe, sevier, utah I212032
26 JOHNSON Lorenzo  27 Apr 1871monroe, sevier, utah I180450
27 LAWRENCE Emma Luella  9 Dec 1914monroe, sevier, utah I211999
28 LOWE Eliza Francis  9 Nov 1961monroe, sevier, utah I225250
29 LOWE Joseph Hyrum  31 Aug 1930monroe, sevier, utah I225265
30 LOWE Richard Alvin  21 Sep 1930monroe, sevier, utah I119539
31 LOWE Richard Franklin (Frank)  18 Jul 1951monroe, sevier, utah I115781
32 WASHBURN Abraham  19 Jun 1886monroe, sevier, utah I208891


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LOWE / FOREMAN  22 Nov 1880monroe, sevier, utah F44351