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The Purpose of this Jensen SRC
                    In the SurnameWeb Library

"One thing we have discovered is that we are a nation of wanderers. Our ancestors have wandered the globe, and often left us with only one clue to trace their heritage, their surname." -Unknown

The Primary Goals of this SRC

1. To list all our Jensen "cousins" researching this surname
                                                            - THE WORLD OVER.
2. To link all pages of interest to people researching this surname.
3. To collect all information pertaining to this surname, and the bearers
            of this surname that might in some way facilitate research of this surname.
4. To present this information on the web so that it can be freely accessed
    by any of our cousins at any time, from any place. "In order for all our cousins
    to be gathered together, from wherever they may have wandered, you need a nest to
    gather them in." We need your help to do this. Please contribute to this project.

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Origins of the Jensen surname

In Scandinavia until about 1900 the children were commonly given, as a last name, the first name of their father plus sen or son and earlier the daughters were also given the father's first name but with datter instead of sen or son as an ending. Thus there is no long history of the name Jensen because it changed each generation. The given name Jens, I believe, is an abbreviated form of Johannes.

Danish, Norwegian, and North German: patronymic from the personal name Jens, a reduced form of Johannes (see John). This is Denmark’s most frequent surname.

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